Erebus 1100

Erebus 1100

  • Erebus 1100 can be used on airflow safety cabinets and Erebus 1100 is theonly product on the market which sterilize itself and also the working enviroment.
  • Erebus 1100 works with 12 Volt and as a result provides lower energy consumption and safe operation.
  • Microincinerator can reach its maximum operation temperature within couple minutes and by doing that only consumes 140W energy (0.14 kw/h). Loop stereilzation time is just 2 seconds. 
  • Erebus 1100 has special isolation material around quartz tube. As a result while device is operational on maximum temperature, surface temperature stays just 28 °C.
  • Heater can be adjusted with 8 different angles to provide easy operation on working conditions.




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